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We must change our way of relating to nature, our way of thinking about it, return to our roots and understand that the Human Being is not alien to it, but that we are part of the ecosystem that welcomes us.

Today, after the planted of yesterday, from the calm that gives to share the care of the loved one, I have been asking many questions and I have also found, if not answers, yes at least, these reflections:

I believe that everything has to change, at least our way of relating to nature, directly and indirectly, even the way we think about it. I know that to some it may sound overwhelming, but I see no other way for humans to continue to inhabit this beautiful planet in the near future. Those of us who have been caring for the earth for many years would need more complicity, a society that recognizes the Earth as its home and acts accordingly. And now, after years of "abandoning the house", it takes a lot of care to be that livable and healthy place that allows us all a happier life.

This climatic emergency is not a joke, we are every day close to the earth and its rhythms we know.

Maybe we would have to be more passionate about life, for the whole life of all living beings with whom we share this wonderful planet, our only house, let's not forget it. Let's be smart and let there be a future for everyone.

We should speak more clearly and if for some they are hard words or difficult to assimilate, the situation is too. This is the reality that we now have to address and transform among all. Each of us has that responsibility and in the small daily acts there is much power of change. In each of our decisions we are being complicit in the world that we will leave to future generations; With a simple purchase we can participate in the paradigm shift that this world is crying out or, on the contrary, follow the inertia of comfort and not look beyond. Let us choose the right pill and face the challenge of seeing reality, however hard it may be, and act with awareness.

Happy Sunday!!

Miguel R.

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