About us

We are a small family company dedicated to the breeding of the Iberian pig for several generations.

It has been more than 20 for years that our production is exclusively ecological.

We feel we are caretakers of the landscape, because we think that "Caring for the Earth is caring for Humanity."

We do not measure our growth only in economic terms, for us, growth also consists of promoting more green spaces. We need a healthy land

 We are in favor of the economy of the common good, of sustainable development and of the defense of the welfare of future generations. We think that the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) must be added a lot of FIB (Gross Domestic Happiness) to make things work well.

«We forget that we ourselves are Earth»
"Our own body is made up of elements of the planet."

Pope Francisco

See our commitment

"We have to save the mundo Somebody's children may need it. "

George Harrison (The Beatles)

Plant trees 

The trees are the main guarantee for life: they clean the air, they nourish the land, they provide food ... without trees there are no acorns, an essential fruit to obtain quality ham.

Quality food

The quality of a food does not refer exclusively to its nutritional value, in addition, other aspects of its production must be considered related to the principles of fair trade, animal welfare and respect for the environment. We want an entire environment. With the main intention of respecting the Earth and its inhabitants, inevitably any product we make will come out healthy and nutritious. A food without synthetic additives and of high nutritional value, but that for its elaboration these ethical principles have not been respected, from our point of view its quality is questionable.

"The field itself became a tree in you, brown oak."

Antonio Machado

Our focus

We make Things as good as possible

  • Ecological production.

Our entire production system, from the management of the land, the raising of the animals and the elaboration of the products, is of ecological production. We do not have another conventional productive line. We are exclusively organic producers.

  • Extensive / ecological livestock

Extensive livestock farming is characterized by the fact that the animals live free in large parcels of land. If in addition to being extensive it is ecological, the conditions of freedom are extended.
In organic farming, transgenics are not allowed, food must be totally organic, respect for animal welfare is maximum and care of the Earth is paramount. If the livestock load is adequate, contamination of aquifers is avoided and soil fertility is protected.

By avoiding overcrowding, hygienic conditions improve and diseases are almost nonexistent. In the event that sick people fall, we resort mainly to homeopathic and phytotherapeutic remedies, giving both excellent results. A characteristic of organic production is to encourage indigenous breeds. Our pigs are all of 100% Iberian breed (Iberian father and mother)

  • Organic hams

In addition to hams we also make Spallas, loins, loin of prey, sirloin, sausage, sausage, and other pork derivatives 100% Iberian breeding and own elaboration.

  • Dehesa and forests.

Of the 700 hectares that we have, we have zones in regeneration. We reforest with native species, to conserve the Mediterranean forest and preserve the continuity of the dehesas.

The dehesa is an example to follow of balance between person and nature. For centuries, humans have been able to obtain resources from this Mediterranean forest without depleting it. In the dehesa, domestic animals and people live together with a wide variety of flora and wild fauna, so that this coexistence continues to exist, it is essential to maintain an adequate agricultural and livestock management. Without the dehesa the Iberian acorn-fed pig would not exist, that is why we take special care of this life-sustaining system.

The dehesa is a daughter of the Mediterranean forest, together they make up the landscape in which we live. Our activity is also creating landscape, that is why it is so important to understand our environment and act in accordance with it.

The Mediterranean forest is resistant and calm, is used to extreme situations and is capable of converting scarcity into abundance. It prints character to the countrymen and countrymen who inhabit it, until they become strong and noble like the oaks.


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