Ecology and Certified Quality.

To be able to say that a product is organic or Iberian, it has to be certified. Certification is the guarantee that guarantees the authenticity of what we say. There are public and private entities responsible for controlling that things are done correctly.

Each certificate has its own identification stamp and must be clearly visible on the label of each product.

CAAE Certification Service


it is the entity that certifies us the ecological production. They control that no type of herbicide, pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used in the field, that the animals are fed exclusively with organic and non-transgenic products and that the elaboration of each of the products is carried out in its entirety with organic food. .



certifies the quality of our raw material, the pig. They guarantee that all our pigs are of 100% Iberian race, controlling that they come from father and mother of Iberian race without any type of genetic mixture, and that they are raised in freedom, with a diet based on the acorn of our oak trees


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