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100% acorn-fed organic Iberian pork loin - ECOIBÉRICOS®. 0,50 Kg approx.

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0,50 Kg of Ecological dam loin 100% Iberian acorn. Parts from 250 to 450 grams approx.

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Ecological Loin of Dam of Acorn 100% ibérico -ECOIBÉRICOS®. 0,50 Kg approx.

Composition: Iberian Spalla dam, garlic, paprika, all of organic production and sea salt.

Features: It has more fat infiltrations than the tenderloin, which makes it juicier and unctuous on the palate. It has a curing period of three to four months depending on the size and the climatic conditions.

- Whole pieces (weights from 250 to 450 grams), vacuum packed, with a diameter of 40 to 50 mm. And a length of 20 cm approx.

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