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100% Organic Iberian Acorn Ham. ECOIBÉRICOS® 100g sliced.

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100g of organic 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham sliced ​​and vacuum packed.

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Envelope of 100 grams organic ham 100% Iberian acorn, sliced ​​and vacuum packed. 45 to 60 months of curing. CAAE organic certificate.

Ingredients: 100% Iberico acorn-fed ham and sea salt.

Also certified in the Iberian Pig Quality Standard: for our 100% Iberian pigs and their acorn feed, by Incedeca; for the elaborated ones, Certicality. Certificate of conformity: 12120900720180629.

En Ecoibéricos We not only sell organic acorn hams, the best. It is also the result of extraordinary work that far exceeds the minimum established for animal welfare and the organic production regulation itself. For us the most important thing is the care of the Earth. La Dehesa is a unique territory, a forest inhabited by oaks, cork oaks and many other trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and countless animals of all sizes, all of them coexisting for thousands of years. At the moment these places are in serious danger due above all to abandonment and the enormous risk of fire in the summer months. For more than 20 years we have been managing around 700 hectares of this little paradise called Dehesa in an ecological way, regenerating it by means of a holistic rotational grazing in which all our ecological animals (especially Iberian pigs and cows) are the protagonists. We are aware that the world does not change in two days, but we are doing everything possible so that the next generations find it better than we find it. Yes we know, it is a utopia, but we are making it a reality; Each slice of ham that you try is one more step that we all take to achieve it.

If you try our hams and sausages EcoibéricosBesides a unique flavor, you will smell the living Earth, the Dehesa, its mountains and its aromas. Taste and health, not only for you, for everyone. It will thrill you.

Oh! Very important, we love that you visit us. We wait for you.

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