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EXTRA Chorizo ​​Ecological 100% Iberian acorn. Ecoibéricos® 1 Kg

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1 kg of acorn-fed organic chorizo ​​100 Iberian in pieces of 170 to 300 g / unit

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Definición: Pure Iberian acorn-fed chorizo ​​from organic production. 1 Kg approx.
Composition: lean pure Iberian acorn pork, head of loin, loin, sirloin, chins and bacon, seasoned with garlic, paprika, all organic production and sea salt.

Features: With a curing period of two months for the candle-type chorizo ​​and around three to five months for this other of a somewhat larger caliber.
For its elaboration, extra lean and other noble pieces are selected, chopped and minced exclusively from pure 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs. This dough is seasoned with paprika, garlic and ground black pepper, all of organic production and sea salt and stuffed into natural casings. After a maturation-drying process of approximately two to five months, the chorizo ​​acquires its red color, its intense flavor and its characteristic smell.


  • Whole pieces (approximate weight of 170 to 300 g), vacuum packed, with a diameter of 25 to 35 mm. And an approximate length of 25 cm.

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Weight/size 1 kg

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